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TM 9-8000
on to lubricate the pistons and walls by squirting out
mechanism.  In addition, the full force-feed lubrication
through strategically drilled holes.
This lubrication
system provides lubrication under pressure to the pistons
system is used in virtually all engines that are equipped
and the piston pins. This is accomplished by holes drilled
with semifloating piston pins (para3-7).
the length of the connecting rod, creating an oil passage
from the connecting rod bearing to the piston pin bearing.
This passage not only feeds the piston pin bearings, but
8-20. Full Force-Feed Lubrication System (Fig. 8-17).
also provides lubrication for the pistons and cylinder
In the full force-feed lubrication system, all of the
walls.  This lubrication system is used in virtually all
bearings mentioned In paragraph 8-18 are lubricated by
current automotive engines that are equipped with full-
oil under pressure.  This includes main bearings, rod
floating piston pins (para 3-7).
bearings, camshaft bearings, and the complete valve
Figure 8-17. Full Force-Feed Lubrication System.


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