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TM 9-8000
Figure 10-21. Typical Fuel-Oil Cooler
system is turned off and the flame is sustained by self-
Section VI.10-20.Introduction.The electrical system provides
generation. An igniter (fig. 10-22) is used, in place of a
circuitry to facilitate ignition, starting, and operation of all
spark plug, in gas turbine engines. The igniters tend to
wear out faster, in comparison to regular spark plugs;
Discussion of all major components in the gas turbine
however, one must take into account the relative time
electrical system is found below.
frame the ignition systems are activated to determine the
actual life span of each component. The igniter receives
10.21. Ignition System. The ignition process in the gas
its power from a capacitor-type ignition system.  This
turbine engine is a continuous, self- sustaining process.
system provides a high-energy, high-temperature spark,
The ignition system basically is used only when first
ideal for application in the gas turbine engine. A typical
starting the engine. Once the combustion process has
igniter and ignition system is illustrated in figure 10-22.


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