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Figure 11-2. Composition of Electricity.
b. Conductors (A, Fig. 11-3). Whenever there are
conductor. Any material that blocks electric current flow
is an electrical insulator.  Conductors are used in
less than four electrons in the outer orbits of the atoms of
automotive equipment to carry electric current to all of
a substance, these electrons will tend to be free. This
the electrical equipment. Insulators also are necessary
will cause the substance to permit free motion of
to keep the electric current from taking a shorter route
electrons, making it a conductor.  Electrical energy is
instead of going to the intended component.  The
transferred through conductors by means of the
electrical properties of a substance depends mainly on
movement of free electrons that migrate from atom to
the number of electrons in the outermost orbits of its
atom within the conductor. Each electron moves a short
atoms that cannot, at any time, contain more than eight
distance to the neighboring atom, where it replaces one
or more electrons by forcing
Figure 11-3. Conductors and Insulators.


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