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TM 9-8000
Figure 11-14. Circuit Configurations.
the individual components.  The sum of the individual
amperages will be equal to the total circuit current.
(2) The total circuit resistance will be equal to
the sum of the total parallel circuit resistance plus the
(4) The voltage will be constant throughout the
individual resistances of the series circuit components.
circuit when measured across the individual branches.
(3) Current flow through the total parallel circuit
e. Series-Parallel Circuit (C, Fig. 11-14). The
will be equal to the current flow through any individual
series circuit component.
series-parallel circuit is a combination of the two
configurations. There must be at least three resistance
(4) The disconnection or the burning out of any
units to have a series-parallel circuit.  The following
of the series components will completely disable the
characteristics of series-parallel circuits are important.
entire circuit, whereas a failure of any of the parallel
circuit components will leave the balance of the circuit
(1) The total circuit voltage will be equal to the
still functioning.
sum of the total parallel circuit voltage drop plus the
voltage drops of the individual series circuit components.
filings would become arranged in curved lines (fig. 11-
11-13. Magnetic Field.
15). These curved lines, extending from the two poles of
the magnet (north and south), follow the magnetic lines
a. General. It was stated in paragraph 11-9 that
of force surrounding the magnet.
Scientists have
electric current is a flow of electrons and that the
formulated the following rules for these lines of force.
imbalance of electrons in a circuit (that causes electrons
to flow) is called voltage.  Magnets will be studied to
(1) The lines of force (outside the magnet) pass
learn what causes a generator to concentrate electrons
from the north to the south pole of the magnet.
at the negative terminal and take them away from the
positive terminal.
(2) The lines of force act somewhat as
rubberbands and try to shorten to a minimum length.
b.  Magnetic Lines of Force.  If iron filings were
sprinkled on a piece of glass on top of a bar, magnet, the


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