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TM 9-8000
the pinion does not mesh properly on first contact with
the flywheel teeth.
(b) Breakage or nonfunctioning of the
pinion latch will cause the pinion to drift toward the
flywheel teeth, which is likely to cause damage if the
engine is running.
(c) All of the starter torque is transmitted
through the drive spring, which puts it under considerable
Figure 14-10. Bendix Starter Drive
diaphragm opens the switch, disabling the starter
14-5.  Key and Pushbutton Switch Control Circuits
solenoid circuit.
(Fig. 14-11). One method of controlling the solenoid
shift is by a pushbutton on the instrument panel.
14-7.  Generator Lockout Relay (Fig.  14-13).  A
Pushing the button closes the control circuit so that
generator lockout relay sometimes is used to prevent the
current can be supplied to the solenoid coil.  Current
starter from accidentally being engaged on a running
practice, however, is to eliminate a separate pushbutton
engine. The relay is actuated by the stator terminal on
switch by incorporating a start position into the key
the alternator to open the starter solenoid circuit as the
switch. A relay frequently is used in the control circuit to
engine runs and the alternator begins producing current.
supply current to the solenoid coils. Only a low-current
control circuit to the instrument panel pushbutton Is then
14-8.  Oil Pressure Lockout Circuit (Fig.  14-14).
necessary. The relay will close the circuit through the
solenoid coil, which carries a larger current.
The oil pressure lockout circuit is used on some models
to prevent accidental starter engagement to a running
engine. As the engine starts, the lockout switch is turned
14-6.  Vacuum Lockout Switch Control Circuit (Fig.
on by the engine oil pressure. The lockout switch will, in
14-12). The vacuum lockout switch is incorporated on
turn, actuate a relay that opens the starter solenoid
some vehicles to prevent the starter from accidentally
being engaged after the engine is running. The switch
has a diaphragm that is actuated by manifold vacuum
after the engine starts.
The movement of the


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