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TM 9-8000
Figure 14-9. Solenoid Shift Lever
When the starter is not
prevents the engine from driving the starter. When the
pinion is disengaged from the flywheel automatically, it is
operating, the pinion is out of mesh and entirely away
held in this position by a latch until the starter switch is
from the flywheel gear. When the starter switch, which
closed again.
may be foot or hand operated, is closed and the total
available battery voltage is impressed on the starter, the
(2) Advantages. The chief advantages claimed
armature immediately starts to rotate at high speed. The
for this type of starter are listed below.
pinion, being weighted on one side and having internal
screw threads, does not rotate immediately with the shaft
(a) It is simple in construction.
but, because of its inertia, runs forward on the revolving
threaded sleeve until it meets or engages with the
flywheel gear. If the teeth of the pinion and the flywheel
The mechanism is automatic in
meet instead of engaging, the drive spring allows the
operation, requiring no action by the operator other than
pinion to revolve and forces it into mesh with the
pressing the starter switch.
flywheel. When the pinion gear is engaged fully with the
flywheel gear, the pinion then is driven by the starter
(c) It gives high starting speed, because
through the compressed drive spring and cranks the
the starter is permitted to pick up speed before the load
engine. The drive spring acts as a cushion while the
is applied.
engine is being cranked against compression.  It also
breaks the severity of the shock on the teeth when the
(d)  The engine is given a high cranking
gears engage and when the engine kicks back due to
torque immediately, thus requiring little cranking and
ignition.  When the engine fires and runs on its own
minimizing the demand on the battery.
power, the flywheel drives the pinion at a higher speed
than does the starter, causing the pinion to turn in the
(3)  Disadvantages.  The chief disadvantages
opposite  direction  on  the  threaded  sleeve  and
are listed below.
automatically disengages from the flywheel. This
(a) The quick impulse given to the pinion is
likely to cause nicking or breaking of the teeth when


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