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TM 9-8000
mainly because it does not have to be manually
23-1.  Description (Fig. 23-1). The automatic
disengaged by the operator each time the vehicle is
transmission, like the conventional transmission, is
stopped. Because the automatic transmission shifts
designed to match the load requirements of the vehicle
without any interruption of engine torque application, the
to the power and speed range of the engine. The
cushioning effect of the fluid coupling within the torque
automatic transmission, however does this automatically
converter also is desirable.
depending on throttle position, vehicle speed, and the
position of the shift control lever. Automatic
23-3.  Shifting. Because the automatic transmission
transmissions are built in models that have two, three, or
foul forward speeds and in some that are equipped with
shifts gear ratios independent of the operator, it must do
overdrive. Operator control is limited to the selection of
so without the operator releasing the throttle. The
the gear range by moving a control lever.
automatic transmission does this by utilizing planetary
gearsets whose elements are locked and released in
various combinations that produce the required forward
23-2.  Coupling (Fig. 23-1). The automatic
and reverse gear ratios. The locking of the planetary
transmission is coupled to the engine through a torque
gearset elements is done through the use of hydraulically
converter (para 21-7). The torque converter is used with
actuated multiple-disk
an automatic transmission,
Figure 23-1. Automatic Transmission Cross-Sectional View.


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