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TM 9-8000
Figure 24-6. Power Flow through Cross-Drive Transmission in Reverse Range
slowed down and the left output speeded up, the vehicle
lubrication system use the same oil, operating from a
steers to the right.
common oil reservoir in the transmission. The oil also
circulates through a cooling radiator and helps prevent
f. Right and Left Steer In High Range. Right steer
excessive temperatures in the transmission. The radiator
and left steer In high range are identical to right steer and
has separate cores for each. Actually, there are two
left steer in low range, except that the transmission Is In
separate radiators, one on each side of the engine, In
high range (fig. 24-5).
the application shown. Each has separate cores for
g. Right and Left Steer In Reverse Range. Right
engine and transmission oil. The hydraulic system uses
steer and left steer In reverse range are identical to right
two separate valve systems for range and steering
steer and left steer in low range or in high range, except
that the transmission is in reverse range (fig. 24-6).
b. Range Control Valve (Fig. 24-10). The range
control valve consists essentially of a cylinder with a
series of ports and a cylindrical valve that can be shifted
24-7. Hydraulic System.
into various positions by operation of the control lever In
the driving TA233731


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