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TM 9-8000
c.  Hypoid (Fig. 29-10). Hypoid gearing has come
axle shafts are supported in the housing by roller
bearings at the center and outer ends. The rear wheels
into rather extensive use recently, mainly for passenger
are keyed on tapers at the outer ends of the axle shafts
cars. A portion of a hypoid rear axle is shown in figure
and held by castle nuts and cotter pins. In addition to
29-10. This rear axle is almost the same as the spiral-
turning the wheels, the rotating axle shafts carry the
bevel gear rear axle, except that the drive pinion and
entire weight of the rear of the vehicle on their outer
bevel drive gear are cut with a somewhat different tooth
ends. All stresses caused by turning corners, skidding,
form, which permits the drive pinion to mesh with the
or by wobbling wheels are taken by the axle shafts. The
bevel drive gear below the center of the latter. This
differential side gears are keyed on the inner ends of the
construction allows the propeller shaft to be lowered and
axle shafts, which carry the weight of the differential
sometimes makes a shaft tunnel in the floor of the rear
case.  The stresses created by the operation of the
compartment of the vehicle unnecessary. Due to their
differential are taken by the axle shafts. Side thrust on
design, hypoid gears operate under extremely high tooth
the axle shafts is taken care of by the roller bearings,
pressure and require a special hypoid lubricant.
and ball bearings are provided at each side of the
differential case to take care of end thrust. This type of
29-10. Live Axle Configurations.
rear axle is obsolete now.
a. General. A live axle is one that supports part of
Semifloating (B, Fig. 29-11). The semi-floating
the weight of a vehicle and also drives the wheels
rear axle is used on most passenger and light
connected to it.  The term is applied to the entire
commercial vehicles. The principal difference between it
assembly, which consists of a housing containing a bevel
and the plain live axle is In the manner of supporting the
drive pinion, bevel drive gear differential and axle shafts
differential assembly. In the plain live axle, the differential
together with their bearings, and sometimes additional
case Is carried on the Inner ends of the axle shafts. In
mechanisms. The term live axle is opposed to the term
the semifloating axle, it is carried by bearings mounted in
dead axle. A dead axle is one that carries part of the
the differential carrier. The axle shafts are splined to the
weight of a vehicle but does not drive the wheels. The
differential side gears. This relieves the axle shafts of the
wheels rotate on the ends of the dead axle. The usual
weight of the differential and the stresses caused by its
front axle of a passenger car is a dead axle and the rear
operation that are taken by the axle housing. The Inner
axle is a live axle. In four wheel drive vehicles, both front
and rear axles are live axles, and in six-wheel drive
vehicles all three axles are live axles.
b. Plain  (A,  Fig.
The  plain,  or
nonfloating, rear axle was one of the first used. In it, the
Figure 29-10. Hypoid Gear Drive.


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