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TM 9-8000
Figure 29-13. Double Reduction Drive Axle.
member, consisting of the sun gear and a dog clutch,
with the dog clutch, it also is locked fast to the bearing
slides on one of the axle shafts and usually is controlled
adjusting ring and remains stationary. The internal gear
by a hand lever accessible to the driver.  When this
rotates the planetary gears around the stationary sun
sliding part is in the high-ratio position, the sun gear
gear and the differential case is driven by the ring on
meshes with internal teeth on the ring carrying the
which the planetary gears are pivoted.  This action
planetary gears and disengages the dog clutch from the
produces the gear reduction, or low speed, of the axle.
left bearing adjusting ring, which is rigidly held in the
i.  Double  Reduction,  Dual  Ratio (Fig. 29-15).
differential carrier. In this position, the planetary gear
train is locked together, there is no relative motion
Double-reduction,  dual-ratio  rear  axles  also  are
between the gears in the planetary train, and the
sometimes used in heavy-duty motor vehicles.  Rear
differential case is driven directly by the differential drive
axles of this type combine the features of the double-
ring gear the same as in the conventional single-ratio
reduction and dual-ratio axles in one unit. A spiral-bevel
rear axle. In the low-ratio position, the sun gear is slid
pinion drives a
out of mesh with the ring carrying the planetary gears,
and the dog clutch makes a rigid connection with the left
bearing adjusting ring. Because the sun gear is integral


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