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TM 9-8000
effort or torque.  The stresses caused by turning,
runs on roller bearings at each end; these also are
skidding, and wobbling of the wheels are taken entirely
mounted in the differential carrier. The spur pinion drives
by the axle housing through the wheel bearings. The
a spur gear that is bolted to the differential case. The
axle shafts can be removed and replaced without
usual design is the full-floating axle configuration (para
removing the wheel or disturbing the differential. Most
military all-wheel drive trucks have full-floating axles.
h. Dual Ratio (Fig.  29-14).  Dual-ratio, or two-
f.  Independent  Suspension  (Fig.  29-12). Live
speed, rear axles sometimes are used on trucks and
axles  that  are  made  to  work  with  independent
passenger cars. They contain two different gear ratios
suspension usually are arranged so that the differential
that can be selected at will by the driver, usually by a
carrier is fixed to the chassis.  The axles then are
manual-control lever. A dual-ratio rear axle serves the
connected to it through constant velocity joints (para 28-
same purpose as the auxiliary transmission described
6) so that the wheels are free to travel with the
previously. Like the latter, it doubles the number of gear
ratios available for driving the vehicle under the various
load and road conditions. This type of rear axle is shown
g. Double Reduction (Fig.
in a cross-sectional view in figure 29-14. It is driven by
reduction rear axles often are used for heavy-duty trucks.
the conventional spiral-bevel pinion and differential drive
The first gear reduction is obtained through a spiral-bevel
ring gear, but a planetary gear train is placed between
pinion and gear as in the common single-reduction rear
the differential drive ring gear and differential case. The
axles. The bevel pinion runs in brackets mounted on the
internal gear of the planetary train is bolted rigidly to the
differential carrier in two roller bearings. The bevel gear
bevel drive gear. A ring on which the planetary gears are
is mounted rigidly on a jackshaft with a spur pinion that
pivoted is bolted to the differential case. A
Figure 29-12. Independent Live Axle Suspention.


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