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TM 9-8000
d.  Isolation  of  noise  generated  by  drive  line
chassis frame, however, does not constitute an integral
frame and body construction. In a truly integrated
components from crew and passenger compartments
structure, the entire frame-body unit is treated as a load-
through the use of rubber mounts between frame and
carrying member that reacts to all the loads experienced
body structures.
by the vehicle-road loads as well as cargo loads.
Integral-type bodies for wheeled vehicles are fabricated
e. Simplistic design that yields a relatively Inexpensive
by welding preformed metal panels together. The panels
and easy manufacturing process.
are preformed in various load bearing shapes that are
located and oriented so as to result in a uniformly
The separate body and frame has many advantages, as
stressed structure. Some portions of the integrated
listed above, but along with this design, other criteria
structure  resemble  frame-like  parts,  while  others
must be considered. The vehicle silhouette and cargo
resemble body-like panels. This should not be surprising,
floor are higher. Weight is Increased. This configuration
because the structure must perform the functions of both
also is inherently less desirable for amphibious vehicles,
of these elements.
because it is less effective in developing maximum
buoyancy for minimum weight.
The following are some of the advantages and
35-2. Integrated Frame and Body (Monocoque). The
disadvantages of the integral frame and body type of
integral frame and body type of construction (fig. 35-2),
construction, when compared to the separate frame and
also referred to as unitized construction, combines the
body concept.
frame and body Into a single, one-piece structure by
welding components together, by forming or casting the
a. Substantial weight reduction, which Is possible when
entire structure as one piece, or by a combination of
using a well-designed unitized body.
these techniques. Merely welding a conventional body to
a conventional
Figure 35-2. Integrated Frame and Body.


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