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TM 9-8000
Figure 36-7. Location of Central Tire-Pressure Control System Components.
truck, the power takeoff, which is mounted on the
36-13. General. Water and gasoline may be
transfer assembly, contains a pump drive. When the
transported in tank trucks (fig. 36-8) or in tank
driver positions the controls, the pumping equipment is
semitrailers (fig. 36-9). Tank trucks have a special
set into operation. At the same time, an auxiliary engine
accessory drive unit mounted on the power takeoff to
governor comes into action to properly limit engine speed
drive the pump. Tank semitrailers have a portable pump
during the time that the pumping equipment is operated.
driven by a small gasoline engine.
This prevents overspeeding of the engine.
36-14. Semitrailer Tank. The locations of the portable
36-16. Considerations of Pumping Gasoline.
pump and hose with which the tank semitrailers are
Extreme care must be used when handling gasoline
equipped are shown in figure 36-10. The portable pump
because it is very flammable. Vapor from gasoline, even
is shown in figure 36-11. The pump can be used to
in the open, may become sufficiently concentrated during
unload or load the tank, depending on which way the
pumping operations to explode and bring about a
hose connections are made to the pump and tank. The
disastrous fire. Smoking or open flames must not be
pump shown is driven by a single-cylinder, four-stroke
permitted in the vicinity of fuel pumping operations. See
cycle gasoline engine.
complete instructions on handling gasoline in applicable
technical manuals.
36-15. Tank Truck (Fig. 36-8). On the tank


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