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TM 9-8000
A substance that stops movement of
fifth-wheel assembly.
electricity (electrical insulation) or heat (heat insulation).
Kingpin Inclination.  The number of degrees that the
Insulator.  A substance (usually of glass or porcelain)
kingpin, which supports the front wheel, is tilted from the
that will not conduct electricity.
Intake Manifold.  That component of the engine that
Knock.  In the engine, a rapping or hammering noise
provides a series of passages from the carburetor to the
resulting from excessively rapid burning or detonation of
engine cylinders through which fuel-air mixture can flow.
the compressed fuel-air mixture.
Intake Stroke. The piston stroke from top dead center to
Knuckle. A joint or parts carrying a hinge pin that permit
bottom dead center during which the intake valve is open
one part to swing about or move in relation to another.
and the cylinder receives a charge of fuel-air mixture.
Laminated. Made up of thin sheets, leaves, or plates.
Intake Valve. The valve in the engine that is opened
during the intake stroke to permit the entrance of fuel-air
Laminated Leaf Spring. A spring made up of leaves of
mixture into the cylinder.
graduated size.
Landing Gear. A retractable support under the front end
of a semitrailer to hold it up when it is uncoupled from the
truck tractor.
Interference. In radio, any signal received that overrides
or prevents normal reception of the desired signal. In
Lands. Piston metal between ring grooves.
mechanical practice, anything that causes mismating of
parts so they cannot be normally assembled.
Leaf Spring. A suspension component made up of one
or several layers of flat spring steel.
Internal Combustion Engine. An engine in which the fuel
is burned inside the engine, as opposed to an external
Lean Mixture.  A fuel-air mixture that has a high
combustion engine where the fuel is burned outside the
proportion of air and a low proportion of fuel.
engine, such as a steam engine.
Lever.  A rigid bar or beam of any shape capable of
Internal Gear. A gear in which the teeth point inward
turning about one point, called the fulcrum; used for
rather than outward as with a standard spur gear.
transmitting or changing force or motion.
Ion.  An electrically charged atom produced by an
Leverage. The mechanical advantage obtained by use
electrical field.
of lever; also an arrangement or combination of levers
Jackshaft. An intermediate driving shaft.
A type of engine with valves in the cylinder
Jet.  A metered opening in an air or fuel passage to
control the flow of fuel or air.
Light.  In the electric circuit, an electrical device that
includes a wire in a gas-filled bulb that glows brightly
Journal. That part of a shaft that rotates in a bearing.
when current passes through it; often called a lamp.
Kingpin. The pin by which a stud axle is articulated to an
Lighting Switch.  In the electrical circuit, a switch that
axle beam or steering head; also the enmeshing pin in a
turns light on or off.


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