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TM 9-8000
Suspension. The system of springs, etc, supporting the
TDC. Top dead center; the position of the piston when it
upper part of a vehicle on its axles or wheels.
reaches the upper limit of travel in the cylinder.
Swaybar.  A connecting bar placed between wheel
Teflon. A plastic with excellent self-lubricating (slippery)
supports, parallel to the axles, that prevents excessive
bearing properties.
vehicle roll or sway on turns.
Temper. To effect a change in hardness and strength of
Switch. In the electrical system, a device used to open
steel through heating and cooling.
or complete an electrical circuit.
Temperature Gage. An indicating device in the cooling
Synchromesh.  A name designating a certain type of
system that indicates the temperature of the coolant and
transmission that has the virtue of permitting gear-ratio
gives warning if excessive engine temperatures develop.
shifts without gear clashing.
Tension. A stress caused by a pulling force.
Synchronize. To make two or more events or operations
occur at the same time.
Thermal Efficiency. The ratio between the power output
and the energy in the fuel burned to produce the output.
A device for measuring revolutions per
A resistor whose value varies with
Tactical Vehicle. A vehicle designated primarily to meet
field requirements in direct connection with combat,
A device for automatic regulation of
tactical operations, and the training of troops for combat.
Taillight. Lights, usually red or amber, attached to rear of
Thermostatic Switch. A switch that is turned on or off by
vehicle, that are used as markers.
temperature change.
Tailpipe. The exhaust piping running from muffler to rear
Third-Brush Generator. An auxiliary brush that regulates
of vehicle.
the current output of the generator by increasing or
decreasing the field coil current.
Tandem Axles. Two axles, one placed directly in front of
the other.
Three-Quarter Trailer.  Trailers, usually two-wheeled,
used for light loads. The load is practically balanced on
Tank Sending Unit.  A device in the fuel tank that
the trailer suspension, although some of the load is
provides indication of fuel level for instrument panel
thrust on the truck tractor connection.
Throttle. A mechanism in the fuel system that permits
Taper. To make gradually smaller toward one end; a
the driver to vary the amount of fuel-air mixture entering
gradual reduction in size in a given direction.
the engine and thus control the engine speed.
Tapered Roller Bearing (Antifriction). A bearing utilizing
Throttle Valve Plate. The disk in the lower part of the
series of tapered, hardened steel rollers operating
carburetor air horn that can be tilted to pass more or less
between an outer and inner hardened steel race.
fuel-air mixture to the engine.
Tappet. A screw used to adjust clearance between valve
Thrust. A force tending to push a body out of alinement.
stem and lifter or rocker arm.
A force exerted endwise through a member upon
another member.


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