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TM 9-8000
Thrust Bearing. A bearing that is designed to resist axial
(sideway) forces of a rotating member.
Torque.  A twisting or turning effort.  Torque is the
product, of force times the distance, from the center of
Tie Rod.  A rod connection in the steering system
rotation at which it is exerted.
between wheels.
Torque Converter. A special form of fluid coupling in
TIG. Tungsten inert gas; gas tungsten arc welding.
which torque may be increased (at expense of speed).
Timed Fuel Injection. Fuel injection system that injects
Torque Multiplication. A term that refers to engine torque
fuel on an individual cylinder basis and in sequence with
increase that occurs within a torque converter.
the cylinder's intake stroke.
Torque Rod. An arm or rod used to ensure accurate
Timing. Refers to ignition or valve timing and pertains to
alinement of an axle with the frame and to relieve springs
the relation between the actions of the ignition or valve
of driving and braking stresses.
mechanism and piston position in the cylinder.
Torque-Tube Drive. The type of rear-end arrangement
Timing Belt.
A flexible toothed belt that, through
that includes a hollow tube that encloses the propeller
sprockets, drives the engine camshaft.
shaft and also takes up stresses produced by braking
and driving.
Timing Chain.  A link- or roller-type continuous chain
that, through sprockets, drives the engine camshaft.
Torque Wrench.  A special wrench with a dial that
Timing Gears.  A pair of helical gears that drive the
indicates the amount of torque in feet pound being
engine camshaft.
applied to a bolt or nut.
Timing Marks. A pair of reference points that are used to
Torsion Bar. A bar-shaped spring that is anchored on
obtain correct timing of the valves or ignition distributor of
one end and operates by offering resistance as torque is
the engine.
applied at its other end.
Tire. The rubber and fabric part that is assembled on the
Torsional Vibration.  Vibration in a rotary direction; a
wheel rim and filled with compressed air (pneumatic
portion of a rotating shaft that repeatedly moves ahead,
or lags behind, while the remainder of the shaft is
exhibiting torsional vibration.
Toe-In. A measurement in inches that is obtained by
measuring the distances between the front tires at the
Torus. Rotating member of fluid coupling.
forward and rearward edges and taking the difference
between the two dimensions. The measurements are
Track. 1. The endless tread on which a tank rides. 2.
taken with the wheels in the straight ahead position.
The measurement between the center of the treads of
the tires on an axle.
The normal condition that occurs with
ackerman steering as the front wheels are turned.
Tracked Vehicle. A vehicle that uses tracks instead of
Because the inner wheel must turn sharper than the
wheels for mobility.
outer, the wheels are further apart at the forward edge
(toe) than the rearward edge.
Traction. The force exerted in drawing a body along a
plane as when a truck tractor pulls a semitrailer,
Tolerance. The amount of variation permitted from an
exact size or measurement; the actual amount from
Tractlve Effort. The pushing effort the driving wheels can
smallest acceptable dimension to largest acceptable
make against the ground, which is the


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