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TM 9-8000
same as the forward thrust or push of the axles against
An exhaust-driven compressor that
the vehicle.
forces fuel and air mixture into the engine.
Tractor. A motor vehicle (wheeled or tracked) especially
Turning Radius. The diameter of the circle made by a
designed to tow trailers.
vehicle during operation with front wheels turned fully in
either direction.
Trailer. A vehicle without motive power towed by a motor
vehicle, designed primarily for cargo carrying.
Turret Traversing Mechanism. A mechanism for rotating
a tank turret on a horizontal plane.
Transfer. The auxiliary assembly for applying power to
both forward and rear propeller shafts, and to front
Two-Stroke-Cycle Engine.
An internal combustion
wheels as well as rear wheels.
engine requiring but two piston strokes to complete the
cycle of events that produce power.
Transfer Case. A gearbox, driven by transmission, that
will provide driving force to both front and rear propeller
A vehicle handling characteristic that
shafts on four-wheel drive vehicle.
causes a vehicle to turn less sharply than the operator
intends it to.
Transmission.  The device in the power train that
provides different gear ratios between the engine and
Unit Body. A car body that has enough inherent rigidity
driving wheels, as well as reverse.
to act as a frame also.
Transmission Brake. A brake placed at the rear of the
Universal Joint. A device that transmits power through
transmission, usually used for parking.
an angle.
Tread. The design on the road-contacting surface of a
Unsprung Weight.  Weight of a vehicle that is not
tire that provides improved frictional contact.
supported by springs.
Trip Odometer. An auxiliary odometer that may be reset
Updraft Carburetor.  A carburetor in which air passes
to zero at option of driver. Used for keeping track of
through it in an upward direction.
mileage on trips up to 1000 miles.
Vacuum. A space entirely devoid of matter.
Truck Tractor. A motor vehicle especially designed to
tow semitrailers.
Vacuum Advance.  The mechanism on an ignition
distributor that advances the spark in accordance with
Trunnion.  Either of two opposite pivots or cylindrical
vacuum in the intake manifold.
projections from the sides of a part assembly, supported
by bearings, to provide a means of swiveling or turning
Vacuum Brakes. Vehicle brakes that are actuated by
the part or assembly.
vacuum under the control of the driver.
Trunnion Axle. A supporting axle that carries a load with
Vacuum Pump.  A pump, used in a vacuum brake
other axles attached to it. Its use as a part of a bogie
system (for example), that produces a vacuum in a
permits independent wheel action in a vertical plane and
designated chamber.
within designed limits.
Vacuum Switch.  In the starting system, an electric
Turbine. A mechanism containing a rotor with curved
switch that is actuated by vacuum to open the starting
blades; the rotor is driven by the impact of a liquid or gas
system control circuit as the engine starts, producing a
against the curved blades.
vacuum in the intake manifold.
Turbine Engine.  An engine that uses the expansive
Valve. A mechanism that can be opened or closed to
force of burning gases to spin a turbine.
allow or stop the flow of a liquid, gas, or vapor from one
place to another.


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