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TB 9-2815-508-24
enters into an agreement directly with the Government to
b. The contractor additionally warrants the SSI glow
furnish supplies.
plug controller (P/N 23514748) beginning with engine
d. Correction. The elimination of a defect.
serial number 8VA45336 and all subsequent engines
delivered prior to 31 August 1994 for an extended two
e. Defect. Any condition or characteristic in any
year, parts only, warranty used in the production of the
supplies furnished by the contractor that does not
8V-71T LHR Model 7083-7391. The two year warranty
will be implemented effective with the date of delivery to
f. Failure.  A part, component, or end item that
the U.S. Army for each glow plug controller.
fails to perform its intended use.
c. The contractor warrants the supplies are free
g. Manufacturer's Recall.
from defects in design, material, and workmanship for a
(1) Safety Recall. An item is recalled to repair
period of 12 months from date of acceptance.
or replace a defective part or assembly which may affect
d. If a defect/failure is caused by or falls within any
of the following categories, it is not considered
(2) Service Recall.  An item is recalled to
warrantable and a claim should not be initiated::
repair or replace a defective part(s) or assembly which
(1) Misuse or negligence
does not affect the safe use of this item.
(2) Accidents
h. Owning Unit.  The Army unit authorized to
(3) Improper operation
operate, maintain and use the equipment.
(4) Improper storage
i. Repair.
A maintenance action required to
(5) Improper transport
restore an item to serviceable condition without affecting
(6) Improper or insufficient maintenance
the warranty.
j. Supplies.
The engine and all parts and
(7) Improper alterations or repairs
accessories thereof.
(8) Defect/failure
k. Supporting Repair Facility. The repair activity
occurring after warranty expiration date
authorized to accomplish warrantable repairs at the
4. Contractor Responsibilities.
appropriate level of maintenance identified in the
a. When  the  owning  unit  has  directed  the
Maintenance Allocation Chart.
contractor to correct the supplies, the contractor will pay
I. WARCO. Serves as the intermediary between
for parts needed to repair the warrantable failure.
the troops owning the equipment and the local dealer,
b. When the contractor receives written notification
contractor, or manufacturer. All warranty claims actions
requiring contractor repair, they will have the option:
will be processed through the WARCO.
(1) to correct the supplies in the field, or
m. Warranty.  A written agreement between a
(2) return the engine or parts to the
contractor and the Government which outlines the rights
and obligations of both parties for defective supplies.
distributor/dealer for correction.
n. Warranty Claim.
Action  started  by the
The  contractor  shall  arrange  and  bear  all
equipment user for authorized warranty repair or
transportation costs of the supplies to its facility and
return to the user.
o. Warranty Expiration Date.
The date the
The contractor shall exchange defective supplies or
warranty is no longer valid. This date will be one (1) year
parts, freight prepaid, to the location from which the
from the Government acceptance date (DD Form 250,
defective or non-conforming supplies or parts were
Block 21 A.) p. Warranty Period. Time during which the
returned or, if such location is not within CONUS, to the
warranty is in effect.
Normally measures as the
port of embarkation or other location within the original
maximum number of years, months, days, miles, or
48 States or the District of Columbia prescribed by the
hours used.
Contracting Officer. DDC total liability for transportation
q. Warranty Start Date. The date the warranty is
charges shall not exceed the cost of transporting the
put into effect.
item by the usual commercial surface method of
3. Coverage-Specific.
shipment,  from  the  shipping  destination  to  the
a. This bulletin applies only to the Detroit Diesel
Corporation (DDC) Engines:
8V71T, Model No.
70837391, under Contract Number DAAE07-93-D-A007.
The engine model and serial number are stamped on the
upper right front corner of the block.


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