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TM  5-2815-241-34&P TURBOCHARGER  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS ASSEMBLY   -   CONTINUED 28. Wheel  and  shaft  (1) Floating   bearing   (2) a. Coat  shaft  bearing  journals  with  lubri- cating  oil,  and  slide  bearing  into position. b. Using  mandrel  on  shaft  shoulder,  check bearing  end  clearance  using  thickness gage. Clearance  should  be  0.006  to  0.010 inch (0.15 to 0.25 mm). c. Remove bearing. 29.  Bearing  housing  (3) New  packing  (4)  and Position new packing on turbine end of bear- heat  shield  (5) ing  housing  and  install  heat  shield. 30. Wheel  and  shaft  (1) Two  new  sealing Apply  a  light  coat  of  lubricating  oil  to  sealing rings  (6) ring grooves on shaft, and install two new sealing  rings. CAUTION Care must be taken when starting sealing rings in chamfer of bore, to allow sealing rings to  compress  properly. NOTE Make sure end caps of sealing rings are 180 degrees from each other when installing wheel  and  shaft. 31.  Bearing  housing  (3) Wheel  and  shaft  (1) Coat  bore  of  bearing  housing  with  lubri- cating  oil  and  install  wheel  and  shaft. 32. Floating   bearing   (2) Coat wheel and shaft and bearing with lubricating  oil,  and  insert  bearing  over  shaft in  bearing  housing. 2-394


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