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TM    5-2815-241-34&P INJECTOR   TIMING   ADJUSTMENT   -   CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS b. If required, advance or retard by adding or  removing  cam  follower  housing gaskets. Remove  gaskets  to  retard  injector timing  and  add  gaskets  to  advance timing.  Push  rods  and  cam  follower housings  must  be  removed.  See  Push Rod  Removal  (page  2-33)  and  Cam Follower   Housing   Removal (page   2-47). NOTE Support  ST-593  injector  timing  tool  while  performing  next  step. 16.   ST-593   injector Knurled timing  tool  (8) holddowns   (11) 11 TASK ENDS HERE Loosen  enough  to  remove  injector  timing tool from engine. INJECTION   TIMING   CODES AND PUSH ROD TRAVEL TIMING   (1) CODE PUSH  ROD  TRAVEL  (2) (INCHES) FAST SLOW AS - 0.035 -0.037 (1)  Check  the  engine  dataplate  to  find  the  Timing  Code. (2) Measure the push rod travel when the piston is at 0.2032 inch Before Top Dead Center. TA   242385 2-77


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