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TM   5-3895-360-13 13-3.  LOWER  UNIT  MAINTENANCE  (VR11C) Figure 13-4. Lower Unit Replacement (VR11C). DISASSEMBLY NOTE Refer to Figure 13-5, Lower Unit Dissassembly Bolts  Installation  and  Removal  (VR11C),  for steps a and b. (Con’t) a. b. c. d. e. Remove two screws (14) from base plate (15). Install two machine bolts (13) on base plate (15). . Figure 13-5. Lower Unit Disassembly Bolts installation  and  Removal  (VR11C). NOTE Refer to Figure 13-6, Lower Unit Lower Sprlngs Replacement  (VR11C),  for steps c through e. Remove two screws (21) from base plate (15). Base plate is under spring tension. Use care when releasing pressure on plate. Plate may spring up and cause injury to personnel. Alternately remove two machine bolts(13) from base plate (15) approximately ½ in. (13 mm) at a time until all spring tension is released. Remove base plate (15), preformed packing (20), and  three  springs  (17,  18,  and  19)  from  lower  unit housing  (16).  Discard  preformed  packing. 13-4


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