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TM    5-3895-360-13 13-3.  LOWER  UNIT  MAINTENANCE  (VR11C) Figure   13-6. Lower Unit Lower Springs Replacement   (VR11C). (Con’t). f. g, h. i. j. k. 1. NOTE Refer to Figure 13-7,  Piston  Rod  Replacement (VR11C), for steps f through L Remove locknut (26), spacer ring (25), piston (24), and  spacer  ring  (22)  from  piston  rod  (5).  Discard locknut. Remove piston ring (23) from piston (24). Remove two springs (27 and 28), spacer (29), and piston rod (5) from lower unit housing (16). NOTE Sleeve  bushing  may  remain  With  piston  or guide tube. Using  mechanical  puller,  remove  sleeve  bushing (30) from piston rod (5) or guide tube (1 1). NOTE Refer to Figure 13-8, Dust Boot Replacement (VR11C), for steps J through I. Remove guide tube (11), upper boot ring (6), and dust boot (8) from lower unit housing (16). Remove six locknuts (34), screws (35), and lower boot ring (31) from  lower  unit  housing  (16),  Discard locknuts. Remove two sleeve bushings (33) and short tube guides (32) from lower unit housing (16). 13-5


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