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TM  5-3895-360-13 13-4.  LOWER  UNIT  MAINTENANCE  (VR11)  (Con’t). a.   Clean   all   metal   parts   with   dry   cleaning   solvent (Item  16,  Appendix  E)  and  dry  with  clean  rags (Item 15, Appendix E). b. Inspect parts for damage. Replace damaged parts. c. Inspect springs for distortion. Replace springs if dis- torted. d.   Clean   dust   boot   with   dishwashing   compound (Item 7, Appendix E) and water and allow to dry. e. Inspect dust boot for cracks and tears. Replace dust boot if cracked or torn. ASSEMBLY NOTE Refer to Figure 13-14,  Dust  Boot  Replacement (VR11),  for steps a and b. a.  Install  sleeve  bushing  (29)  on  spring  housing  (13) with new retaining ring (28). b. Position boot retainer (27), dust boot (26), boot re- tainer (25), and guide tube (8) on spring housing (1 3). NOTE Refer  to  Figure  13-13,  Piston  Rod  Replace- ment (VR11), for steps c through e. c. Install sleeve bushing (19) on piston rod (9). d. Install piston rod (9) and two springs (20 and 21) in spring housing (13). e. install washer (22), piston (23), and new locknut (24) on piston rod (9). NOTE Refer   to   Figure   13-12,   Lower   Unit   Lower Springs   Replacement   (VR11),   for  steps  f through h. f. Position three springs (14, 15, and 16) in spring hous- Figure 13-13. Piston Rod Replacement (VR11 ). ing  (13). 13-11


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