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TM   5-3895-360-13 13-4.  LOWER  UNIT  MAINTENANCE  (VR11)  (Con’t). h. Install two screws (18) on base plate (12). Figure 13-14. Dust Boot Replacement (VR11). g. Position new preformed packing (17’) and baseplate (12) on spring housing (13) and install two machine bolts (10) evenly. i. j. NOTE Refer to Figure 13-11, Lower Unit Disassernbly Bolts  Installation  and  Removal  (VR11),   for steps I and J. Remove  two  machine  bolts  (10)  from  base  plate (12). Install two screws (11) on base plate (1 2). INSTALLATION . a. b. c. d. e. f. NOTE Refer to Figure 13-10, Lower Unit Replacement (VR11), for steps a through c. Position new preformed packing (4) and lower unit (1) on gearcase (3). Push down on guide tube (8) and install rod pin (7) and two solid disks (5) on piston rod (9). Install four screws (6) on guide tube (8) and gearcase (3). NOTE Refer to Figure 13-9, Draining and Filling Low- er Unit Oil (V11),  for steps d and e. Fill lower unit (1) with lubricating oil (item 13, Appen- dix E). Install oil sight gage (2) on lower unit (1). Install tamper shoe (see paragraph 13-1). 13-12


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