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TM 5-3895-360-13 2-3. FUEL MIXTURE (Con’t). 2-4.   STARTING   TAMPER. WARNING NOTE DO  NOT  breathe  fuel  fumes.  They  are  toxic and can cause serious medical problems. Failure  to  follow  this  warning  may  result  In serious Injury or death to personnel. Give IMMEDIATE medical attention to per- sonnel exposed to hydrocarbon or toxic vapors.  Signs  of  distress  are  weakness,  nau- sea,  coughing  or  Intoxication,  nosebleed  or cramps, or other unusual symptoms. Quali- fied personnel able to administer artificial respiration and simple first aid must be pres- ent.   Refer to Figure 2-1, Starting Tamper, for steps a through h.   The VR11C and VR11 tampers are started the same way. The VR11C is illustrated. a. Open fuel valve (4). b. Open fuel tank cap vent (5). c. Raise throttle lever (3) approximately halfway. b.  To  obtain  the  proper  fuel  mixture,  thoroughly  mix  the following quantities of gasoline (Item 9, Appendix E) and lubricating oil (Item 11 or Item 13, Appendix E) in a  suitable  container. Figure 2-1. Starting Tamper. 2-2


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