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TM  5-3895-360-13 2-4.  STARTING  TAMPER  (Con’t). NOTE Perform step d only If engine Is cold. d. Raise choke lever (2). e. Pull starter cable (1) briskly one or twice to engine. prime f. Position  choke  lever  (2)  approximately  halfway  and pull starter cable (1) until engine starts. g. Lower choke lever (2). Allow engine to warm at idle speed. h. Raise throttle lever  (3) to full throttle position. 2-5.   OPERATING   TAMPER. a. General. Become familiar with the normal operation of  the  tamper.  Damage  to  equipment,  extensive  re- pairs, and downtime can be avoided by an alert op- erator who can detect problems in early stages and help Unit Maintenance correct them before they be- come  serious. b. Operation. CAUTION DO NOT operate tamper on hard, unyielding surfaces. Failure to follow this caution may re- sult in damage to tamper. (1) (2) (3) 2-6. a. b. c. d. During operation, guide the tamper,  but allow the tamper to do the work. Bearing down on the handle is not necessary and limits the shoe jump. The tamper moves forward in rapid jumps on level  surfaces.  On  uneven  surfaces  or  inclines  it may be necessary to rock the handle slightly to assist the tamper to move forward. Always guide the tamper so that the whole shoe, not just the front or back edges, does the impacting. STOPPING TAMPER. NOTE Refer to Figure 2-2,  Stopping  Tamper,  for steps a through d. The VR11C and VR11 tampers are stopped the same way. The VR11C is illustrated. - Lower throttle control lever (2). Push shorting switch (3). NOTE Perform steps c and d only if tamper will remain out of service due to job completion and/or storage. Close fuel tank cap vent (1). Close fuel valve (4). 2-3


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