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TM 5-3895-360-13 Table  3-1.  Operator/Crew  Preventive  Maintenance  Checks  and  Services  (PMCS)  (Con’t). B-BEFORE D-DURING A-AFTER INTERVAL ITEM TO BE INSPECTED ITEM PROCEDURE Check for and have rapaired, filled, or EQUIPMENT IS NOT NO. B D A adjusted as needed. READY/AVAILABLE IF: 1 TAMPER  EXTERIOR  (Con’t) b.  Visually  check  for  damaged  hoses  and  loose, Hoses are leaking or broken. missing,  or  damaged  parts. Parts are missing or damaged. 2 AIR CLEANER WARNING If NBC exposure Is suspected, all engine air cleaner air filter media should be handIed by personnel wearing protec- tive  equipment.  Consult  your  NBC Officer  or  NBC  NCO  for  appropriate handling or disposal procedures. Remove and check air cleaner element. Clean air cleaner element as necessary (see paragraph 2-7 or  2-8). 3 TAMPER  OIL  LEVEL Check tamper oil level in oil sight plug. Oil must be No oil is present in oil sight indi- present in oil sight indicator. cater. 4 LOWER UNIT BELLOWS Inspect  lower  unit  bellows  for  cracks  and  damage. Lower  unit  bellows  cracked  or tom. 5 FUEL SYSTEM WARNING   DO NOT smoke when handling fuel containers or when located within 50 ft (15.3  m)  of  fueling  or  fuel  storage areas. Failure to follow this warning may   cause   a   fire   and   explosion, resulting In serious injury or death to personnel.    DO NOT breathe fuel fumes. They are toxic  and  can  cause  serious  medical problems. Failure   to   follow   this warning may result In serious lnjury or death to personnel. 3-4


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