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TM 5-3895-360-13 Table  4-1.  Operator/Crew  Troubleshooting  (Con’t). PROBLEM PROBABLE CAUSE TEST   PROCEDURE/REMEDY 7.  Engine  overheats. a. Engine is overloaded. a.  Allow  engine  to  cool. b. lnsufficient oil is present in fuel b. Drain fuel system and fill fuel tank mixture. with fresh fuel and oil mixture (see paragraph 2-10). c. Air flow is obstructed. c. Clean cylinder cooling fins. 8. Engine has poor acceleration. a. Spark plug is fouled. a. Notify Unit Maintenance. b.   Air   cleaner   filter   is   dirty   or b. Clean air cleaner filter (see para- clogged. graph 2-7 or 2-8). 4-4


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