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TM   5-3895-360-13 7-1.    CARBURETOR REPLACEMENT   7-2.   CARBURETOR   ADJUSTMENT. (Con’t). INSTALLATION NOTE a. b. c. d. Refer to Figure 7-1, Carburetor Replacement, for step a. Install  new  gasket  (1)  and  carburetor  (2)  on  reed plate (4) with two nuts (3). Connect  throttle  control  to  carburetor  (see  para- graph 7-7). Connect fuel line to carburetor (see paragraph 7-6). Install air cleaner (see paragraph 7-3 or 7-4). TOOLS: General mechanic’s tool kit . . . . . . . SC 5180-90-N26 ADJUSTMENT CAUTION Use  care  when  turning  adjustment  screws. Failure to follow this caution may result In dam- age to needle and seats. NOTE Refer to Figure 7-2,  Carburetor  Adjustment, for steps a through f. Correct carburetor adjustment Is Important. Adjustments may be necessary as operating conditions change. In warm weather, set car- buretor 1/8 turn leaner, or counterclockwise. In cold weather, set carburetor 1/8 turn richer, or clockwlse. a. Turn high speed adjustment screw (2), idle mixture adjustment  screw  (3),  and  idle  stop  adjustment screw (4) clockwise until fully closed. b. Turn high speed adjustment screw (2) and idle mix- ture  adjustment  screw  (3)  one  turn  counterclock- wise. c. Start tamper (see paragraph 2-4) and allow engine to warm. d, Accelerate and decelerate engine using throttle le- ver (1). If engine falters or accelerates slowly, turn idle  mixture  adjustment  screw  (3)  counterclockwise until  performance  is  improved. Figure  7-1.  Carburetor  Replacement. 7-2


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