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TM  5-3895-360-13 7-2.   CARBURETOR   ADJUSTMENT   (Con’t). CAUTION DO NOT set carburetor any leaner than neces- sary. Failure to follow this caution may cause piston to seize. e. Turn high speed adjustment screw (2) clockwise until engine runs smoothly at high speed. f.  Turn  idle  stop  adjustment  screw  (4) pendable idle. to  obtain  de- 7-3.   AIR   CLEANER   MAINTENANCE (VR11C). TOOLS: General mechanics. tool kit . . . . . . . SC 5180-90-N26 WARNING If NBC exposure is suspected, all engine air cleaner air filter media should be handled by personnel wearing protective equipment. Con- sult your NBC Officer or NBC NCO for appro- priate  handling  or  disposal  procedures. AIR  CLEANER  FILTER  REPLACEMENT NOTE Refer to Figure 7-3, Air Cleaner Filter Replace- ment (VR711C), for steps a through c. a. Remove wingnut (1), access cover (2), and filter (3) from handle (4). Discard filter. Figure  7-2.  Carburetor  Adjustment. 7-3


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