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TM  5-3895-360-13 7-7.   THROTTLE   CONTROL   REPLACEMENT TOOLS: General mechanic’s tool kit . . . . . . . SC 5180-90-N26 NOTE The VR11C and VR11 throttle controls are re- placed the same way. VR11C IS illustrated. REMOVAL a. Disconnect spark plug (see paragraph 2-9). b. c. d. NOTE Refer to Figure 7-9, Throttle Control Replace- ment, for steps b through d. Remove cotter pin (7) and clevis (5) from throttle le- ver (6). Discard cotter pin. Remove two nuts (1), Iockwashers (2), and throttle control (8) from fuel tank (3). Discard Iockwashers. Remove clip (9) and throttle control (8) from frame assembly  (4). Figure  7-8.  Fuel  Line  Replacement. 7-9


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