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TM  5-3895-360-13 10-2.  TRANSMISSION  ASSEMBLY  MAINTENANCE  (Con’t). CLEANING  AND  INSPECTION a. b. WARNING Dry  cleaning  solvent,  P-D-680,  is  toxic  and flammable.  Always  wear  protective  goggles and gloves, and use only in a well-ventilated area.   Avoid   contact   with   skin,   eyes,   and clothes, and DO NOT breathe vapors. DO NOT use near open flame or excessive heat. The solvent’s   flash   point   Is   100°F-138°F (38°C-59”C). if you become dizzy while using cleaning solvent, immediately get fresh air and medical help. If solvent contacts eyes, immedi- ately wash your eyes and get medical aid. Clean parts with dry cleaning solvent (Item 16, Ap- pendix E) and dry with clean rags (Item 15, Appen- dix E). Inspect parts for damage.  Replace  damaged  parts. ASSEMBLY a. b. c. NOTE Refer to Figure 10-6, Transmission Gearcase Speed Cover and Angle Bracket Replacement, for steps a through c. Install bracket (28) on gearcase (14) with two screws (29). Install bearing (33) in gearcase (14). Install new gasket (30) and cover (31 ) on gearcase (14) with three screws (32). NOTE Refer to Figure 10-5, Transmission Gears Re- placement, for steps d through k. d. Install bearing (24) In gearcase (14). e. Install woodruff key (20) on shaft (21), Figure  10-6.  Transmission  Gearcase  Speed  Cover  and  Angle  Bracket  Replacement. 10-6


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