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TM  5-3895-360-13 11-3.  HANDLE  REPLACEMENT  (VR11)  (Con’t). e.  Remove  four  nuts  (3),  screws  (1),  and  two  brackets  a. (2) from handle (4). b. INSTALLATION NOTE c. Refer  to  Figure  11-2,  Handle   Replacement d. (VR11),  for steps a and b. e. Install  two  brackets  (2)  on  handle  (4)  with  four  screws (1) and nuts (3). Install handle (4) on transmission (5) with six resilient mounts (6) and nuts (7). Install air cleaner (see paragraph 7-4). Install fuel tank (see paragraph 7-5). Install  throttle  control  (see  paragraph  7-7) Figure 11-2. Handle Replacement (VR11). 11-3/(11-4 Blank)


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