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TM 55-4920-436-13&P
2. As soon as there is enough floor area (4), the
personnel inside will move to the expanded side of the
shelter raising the roof with extended support struts (2).
3. Once the struts (2) are totally supporting the roof
panel (1), the end walls (5) are swung open.
The fold-out floor counterbalance cables must be secured in the cable housings prior to
raising the shelter floor from its lowered position to its level position. If the counterbalance
cables are not secured, the counterbalance cables will remain under tension. DO NOT attempt
to remove cables if the counterbalance cables are not secured. Removing cables while under
tension could cause serious injury to personnel.
4. (For shelter P/N 136-0000-101) Raise the upper
lockout plates (6) on each end wall and install upper
lockout pins (7) into the cable housings.
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