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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 4-14. INSTALL CONVERTER ELEMENT COMPONENTS 10 11 12 13 Go (SHEET  3  OF  7) Using   chisel   and   ball   peen   hammer,   bend   all   eight   tabs (9)   at   ends   of   four   Iockinq   plates   (7)   so   that   tabs   are   up against   flats   of   screws   (8). NOTE No  lubricant  is  used  on  the  13.750  inch  ID gasket   installed   in   the   next   step. Install   gasket   (10)   in   groove   near   pump   studs   (11). NOTE Stator,   as   used   in   the   following   procedures, refers   to   the   stator   and   all   of   the   assembled parts   retained   in   the   stator   by   two   retaining rings.   For   access   to   parts   within   the   stator group,   refer   to   paragraph   4-32. Install   stator   (12)   over   turbine   shaft   (13)   with   clutch disk   (14)   side   of   stator   up. NOTE The   following   procedure   is   a   check   on assembly   of   stator   components.   If   stator rotates   when   turned   to   the   right   (clock- wise),   but   locks   up   when   turned   to   the   left (counterclockwise),   rollers   and   springs were   properly   installed   in   stator   group. If   stator   locks   up   when   turned   to   the   riqht (clockwise),   freewheel   roller   springs   and rollers   have   been   improperly   installed. Refer   to   paragraph   4-32. With   stator   (12)   on   turbine   shaft   (13),   turn   stator   to the   right   (clockwise),   the   stator   will   not   turn   to   the left    (counterclockwise). to   Sheet   4 4-51 Para.  4-14,  Task  1


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