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TM 9-2520-272-34&P 4-19.   DISASSEMBLE RIGHT END COVER ASSEMBLY (SHEET 2 OF 16) WARNING o    Check  slings  and  lifting  devices  for  cuts,  breaks,  or  wear  before  hoisting  end  cover  assembly  and during hoisting.  Slings and lifting devices can break and cause injury or death. o  Right end cover weighs approximately 125 pounds (57.1 kg).  When lifting end cover, a hoist must be used to avoid bodily injury. TASK 1.  REMOVE COOLER LINE ELBOW, CONNECTOR, AND RH OUTPUT FLANGE COMMON TOOLS: Bar, pry Chisel, cold Crowfoot, 1/2 inch square drive, 2 inches Hammer, hand, ball peen Handle, socket wrench, 1/2 inch square drive Handle, socket wrench, 3/4 inch square drive Socket, socket wrench, 1/2 inch square drive, 3/4 inch Socket, socket wrench, 3/4 inch square drive, 1- 7/8 inches Wrench, combination, 1-7/8 inches Wrench, combination, 15/8 inches SUPPLIES: Bolt, 1/2-20 x 3 inch (2 required) Rag, wiping (Item 15, Appendix C) NOTE Right end cover assembly turned outside up. 1    Using   17/8   inch   combination   wrench   to   hold connector (adapter) (1), use 2 inch crowfoot and handle   to   remove   elbow   (2)   from   connector (adapter) (1). 2    Using   1-7/8   inch   socket   and   handle,   remove connector   (adapter)   (1)   and   packing   (3)   from right end cover assembly (4).  Remove o-ring (3) from elbow (adapter) (1).  Throw away o-ring. 3    Using chisel and hammer, straighten bent tab of washer (5) Bend tab away from bolt (6). 4    Using 3/4 inch socket, install two 1/2-20 x 3 inch bolts (7) in  tapped  holes  at  either  end  of output flange (8). 5    Using one hand, hold pry bar between two bolts (7) to prevent flange (8) from turning. Go to Sheet 3 Para 4-19, Task 1 Change 2  4-97


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