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TM 9-2520-272-34&P 4-20.   REPAIR RIGHT END COVER COMPONENTS (SHEET 1 OF 14) Task Title Page 1 Repair Brake Apply Regulator Valve Body Assembly 4-112 2 Repair Inner Brake Adjusting Link Assembly 4-113 3 Repair Left Brake Apply Shaft Assembly 4-114 4 Repair Right Brake Support Assembly 4-115 5 Repair Right End Cover Assembly 4-119 TASK 1.  REPAIR BRAKE APPLY REGULATOR VALVE BODY ASSEMBLY COMMON TOOLS: Hammer, hand, ball peen Punch, drive pin, straight, 1/16 inch diameter point Screwdriver, flat tip REPAIR PARTS: Packing, preformed (for plug) (73342) 23045126 Pin, spring (retains plug) (24617) 455675 SUPPLIES: Petrolatum (Item 14, Appendix C) Rag, wiping (Item 15, Appendix C) PRELIMINARY PROCEDURE: Remove brake apply regulator valve components.  Refer to paragraph 4-19. NOTE Valve body is turned outside up on work table. Disassemble Brake Apply Regulator Valve Body (X200-4 Only) 1. Move valve body (1) to edge of table so that pin (2) is over edge of table. NOTE Pin may be driven in or out of body from either  direction,  but  it  is  easier  to  work with flat inside surface of body down on table. 2 Using hammer and punch, drive pin (2) from body (1). Go to Sheet 2 4-112  Change 2 Para.  4-20, Task 1


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