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TM 9-2520-272-34&P 4-24.  ASSEMBLE LEFT END COVER ASSEMBLY (SHEET 4 OF 5) 11 Carefully  rotate  shaft  (5)  and  push  end  of  shaft through seal. 12 Keeping   shaft   very   straight,   use   plastic   faced hammer   on   splined   end   of   shaft   (5)   to   seat bearing   (4)   in   shoulder   on   end   cover   (2).      If necessary, heat end cover with heat gun around bearing journal if bearing does not easily seat. 13 Check  that  seal  (3)  remains  in  position  in  end cover  (2)  and  that  lip  on  seal  is  not  distorted when shaft (5) passes through seal. NOTE When    output    shaft    and    bearing    are seated, snapring groove will be accessible   in   sleeve   at   outer   edge   of bearing. 14 Using  screwdriver,  install  snapring  (8)  in  groove in sleeve above bearing (4). 15 Apply lubricating oil to bearing (4). 16 On  X200-4A  install  new  preformed  packing  (9) on end of shaft (5). 17 Coat new packing with petrolatum. End of Task 2 TASK 3.  INSTALL LH OUTPUT FLANGE COMMON TOOLS: Bar, pry Hammer, hand, machinist’s Handle, socket wrench, 1/2 inch square drive Punch, center, tapered point Socket,  socket  wrench,  1/2  inch  square  drive, 3/4 inch Wrench, torque, 0-175 ft-lb REPAIR PARTS: Washer, tab type (73342) 6752556 SUPPLIES: Bolt, 1/2-20 x 3 inch (2 required) Rag, wiping (Item 15, Appendix C) Wooden Blocks, 2 x 4 inches x 16 inches long (2 required) (Item 2, Appendix C) Go to Sheet 5 4-158  Change 2 Para.  4-24, Task 2


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