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4-24. ASSEMBLE LEFT END COVER ASSEMBLY (SHEET 3 OF 5) CAUTION Do not reuse output shaft seal after it has been removed. Removal  of  seal  destroys  dry  sealant  on  outer  edge  of seal. NOTE Seal installed numbered side out. 2 Using    seal    installer    and    ball    peen    hammer, install seal (3) in bore (1).  Seat seal flush to 0.010 inch (0.254 mm) below surface of end cover (2). WARNING Frozen parts can stick to your fingers and cause serious injury.    Always  wear  leather  gloves  when  working  with parts that have been frozen in dry ice. 3 Place shaft (4), bearing end in dry ice for 1 hour. Install Bearing and Sleeve on LH Output Shaft 4 If  output  shaft  bearing  (4)  was  removed,  apply petrolatum  and  lubricating  oil  to  bearing  end  of LH output shaft (5). 5 Using    arbor    press,    install    new    bearing    (4), numbered  end  out,  on  output  shaft  (5).    Press bearing to shoulder. WARNING Hot  parts  can  burn  you.    Always  wear leather  gloves  when  working  with  parts that are or might be hot. 6 If  sleeve  (6)  was  removed,  heat  sleeve  for  30 minutes  to  approximately  250°F  (121°C)  using heat gun. 7 Using  arbor  press,  install  sleeve  (6)  on  output shaft (5) with inside beveled edge on first.  Press sleeve to bearing (4). 8 Install  two  seal  rings  (7)  on  output  shaft  (5). Coat two seal rings (7) with petrolatum. 9 Position  left  end  cover,  inside  upward.    Block cover so that it is level. 10 Apply petrolatum to inner surface of seal (3). Go to Sheet 4 Para.  4-24, Task 2 Change 2  4-157


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