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TM  9-2520-272-34&P   APPENDIX   A REFERENCES A-1. ADMINISTRATIVE   PUBLICATIONS. a.   Regulations       (1)   AR   310-25 Dictionary   of   U.S.   Army   Terms (2)   AR   725-50 Requisitioning,  Receipt,  and  Issue  System (3)   AR   750-22 Army   Oil   Analysis   Program   (AOAP) b.   Pamphlets DA  PAM  738-750 The   Army   Maintenance   Management   System (TAMMS) c.   Forms (1)   DA   Form   2028 Recommended   Changes   to (2)  SF  368 Quality   Deficiency   Report Publications (QDR) (3)   DD   Form   6 Packaging   Improvement   Report A-2.   SPECIFICATIONS   AND   STANDARDS. Catalog CTA   50-970 A-3. TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS. a.  Bulletins (1)   TB   43-0001-39 (2)   TB   43-0210 (3)  TB  43-0219 (4)  TB  43-0211 Expendable   Items Equipment   Improvement   Report   and   Maintenance Digest:    Tank-Automotive    Equipment Army   Oil   Analysis   Program Nonaeronautical   Equipment:   Army   Oil   Analysis Program  (A O A P) Army   Oil   Analysis   Program   User's   Guide A-1


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