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TM  9-2520-272-34&P   GLOSSARY Section   I.   ABBREVIATIONS ACLDB AOAP app AR ATD C CAGEC CCW CM cont CSK CT CW C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 DA   PAM deg delta P (D P)     dia DMWR DoD EA ECP EIR F F AI fig FISTV f t A Army   Central   Logistics   Data   Bank Army   Oil   Analysis   Program appendix Army   Regulation,   as   required Allison   Transmission   Division   GMC C Celsius Commercial   and   Government   Entity   Code cubic   centimeters counterclockwise Commodity   Manager continued countersunk closed   throttle clockwise forward   clutch fourth   and   reverse   clutch third   clutch second    clutch first    clutch D Department   of   the   Army degree differential    in    pressures diameter Depot   Maintenance   Work Department   of   Defense E each Pamphlet Requirements Engineering    Change    Proposal Equipment     Improvement     Recommendations F Fahrenheit First   Article   Inspection figure Fire    Support    Team    Vehicle foot Change   1   Glossary   1 cc  


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