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TM  9-2520-272-34&P     G GMC GMI gpm GVW G1 G2 h Hg hp ID in. kg km km/h k N kPa kW L lb l b - ft lb-in LH lpm l t r L U lube max. M IL min mm mph MWO MTOE Glossary  2 General    Motors    Corporation General    Maintenance    Instructions gallon   per   minute gross   vehicle   weight governor  1 governor   2 H hour Mercury horsepower I inside    diameter inch K kilo   gram kilometers kilometers   per   hour kilonewton kilopascals kilowatt L left,     counterclockwise pound pound-foot pound-inch left   hand liters   per   minute letter lockup lubrication M maximum Military (specification) minimum millimeter miles   per   hour Modification   Work   Order Modified   Table   of   Organization   and   Equipment      U.S.  GOVERNMENT  PRINTING  OFFICE:  1991  543-016/40054 PIN:   062156-001


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