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TM 9-2520-272-34&P 4-8.        REMOVE    LEFT    END    COVER    ASSEMBLY (SHEET 9 OF 10) NOTE Range input driven gear (6) has bearing rollers and inner race on top.  Outer race remains    m    left    end    cover    assembly. Refer to paragraph 4-23 to replace outer race. 7. Remove  range  input  driven  gear  (6).    If  bearing (7)  is  defective,  go  to  Step  6.    If  bearing  Is  not defective, go to Step 8. 8. Using  machinist’s  hammer  and  punch,  remove bearing (7) from gear (6). NOTE It may be necessary to wiggle bevel gear drive shaft to remove it from transmission. 9. Remove bevel gear drive shaft (8). NOTE The    filter-in    tube    (9)    is    3.60    inches (91.44 mm) long.  The filter-out tube (10) is  2.25  inches  (57.15  mm)  long.    The filter-out   tube   (shorter   tube)   is   located closest to the input housing. 10. Using  pliers,  remove  filter-in  tube  (9)  and  filter- out  tube  (10)  from  center  housing  or  from  end cover. 11. Remove four packings (11) from tubes (9, 10). 12. Remove packing (12) from end of jumper tube. Go to Sheet 10 Para.  4-8, Task 4   Change  2 4-33


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