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TM 9-2520-272-34&P 4-8.        REMOVE    LEFT    END    COVER    ASSEMBLY (SHEET 10 OF 10) Install Fabricated Range Pack Retaining Fixture NOTE Retaining  fixture  is  installed  to  prevent range pack from shifting when transmission is rotated. 13. Align  hole  in  retaining  fixture  with  one  of  three left  end  cover  bolt  holes  (13)  located  nearest  to forward clutch housing assembly (14). 14. Using  socket,  install  3/8-16  x  3/4  inch  bolt  (15) and washer (16) in selected bolt hole (13). 15. Using  torque  wrench,  tighten  bolt  (15)  to  27-32 lb-ft (3743 N•m). Remove Sump Communication Tube NOTE If  tube  (17)  is  in  place,  tube  (17) does   not   need   to   be   removed unless  bevel  gear  assembly  is  to be removed, or tube is defective. If   tube   (17)   must   be   removed, proceed  with  Steps  16,  17,  and 18. 16.    Using   rotary   control   handle   on   maintenance stand, rotate transmission so that input  housing (18) is in up position. 17.    Using  plastic  faced  hammer,  tap  end  of  sump communication  tube  (17)  at  left  end  of  center housing (3) until tube moves into center housing. 18.    Using  pliers,  pull  tube  (17)  from  right  end  of center housing (3). FOLLOW-ON PROCEDURE: Install    loose    components,    left    end    of transmission. to paragraph 4-15. For  removal  of  retaining  fixture,  refer  to paragraph 4-28. End of Task 4 4-34  Change 2 Para.  4-8, Task 4


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