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TM9-2815-202-34 8-20. ENGINE   RUN-IN (Cont) (5)  Fuel  temperature  correction  factor  (CFft). (a)  Measure  fuel  temperature  at  fuel  filter  outlet. (b) Refer to Table 8-9 and find fuel temperature correction factor (CFft). Table 8-9. Fuel Temperature Correction Factor (CFft) in BHP (6)  Corrected  brake  horsepower  (BHPc) is: BHPC = BHPo + CFa + CFsg + CFft (7) For all models except 7083-7391, a minimum of 380 corrected brake horsepower is acceptable. (8) For model 7083-7391, a minimum of 418 corrected brake horsepower  is acceptable. END OF TASK FOLLOW-ON   MAINTENANCE Para  Description 3-3  Install  engine  in  container  (12268285) 3-4 Install engine in container (10909159/10923108). 8-54 C h a n g e    1


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