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TM 9-2815-220-24
Standard and commonly used tools and equipment having general application to the engines are
authorized by the TA (Tables of Allowance) and TOE (Tables of Organization and Equipment).
Special tools and equipment are necessary to perform the field maintenance and repair operations
described in this manual. Refer to TM 9-2815-220-24P, which is the authority for requisitioning
special tools, kits, and equipment.
Some items are listed by their common nomenclature as well as by the formal nomenclature for
ease of reference. When the item is first listed, it is assigned an item number. For example:
Part Number
(Alphabetical Order)
* = Special Tool
Cleaner, Oil Cooler
The next time that item appears, the item's original item number will be shown in parentheses, un-
bolded. This will let you know that the item is intentionally repeated and that it is not a
sequencing error.
Oil Cooler, Cleaner
Column (1) Item Number. This number corresponds to the tool item number in the work
package "Initial Setup" section for cross-referencing to the part number, for example:
"Arbor press (Item 8, WP 0176)."
Column (2) Description. This column indicates the Federal item name of the tool.
Special tools and equipment are preceded by an asterisk (*); these items are illustrated in
TM 9-2815-220-24P.
Column (3) Part number. This part number is assigned to the item. Use this part number to
request or requisition the item.
Column (4) NSN (Reference). The NSN is the national stock number assigned to the tool. The
NSN can also be used to request or requisition the item.
In parentheses below the NSN is the reference to the supply catalog or publication number that
contains the complete description for the referenced tool or equipment.
Column (5) Usage. Information is provided on tool usage, pertinent part or component, or
corresponding tool to be used in conjunction with that particular tool.
WP 0176 00-1


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