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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
(d) Place salvage tool on cylinder block bore to be cut.
(e) Place ST-1168-41 washers, ST-1168-40 spacers, and ST-1168-42 washers on hold-down capscrews
and install capscrews securing salvage tool to cylinder block. Tighten finger tight.
(f) Pull up on needle valve knob while pushing down on depth adjustment collar. This will lower cutter
plate into cylinder counterbore. Cutter plate lower diameter is used to center salvage tool assembly
in counterbore inside diameter.
(g) Tighten hold-down capscrews and torque to 25 35 ft lbs (34 47 Nm).
(h) Raise cutter plate out of counterbore by pulling up on needle valve knob.


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