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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
Check connecting rod length and alinement with ST-561 connecting rod checking
fixture-and ST-563 locating mandrel set.
j. Adjust checking fixture for rod size.
(1) Select new rod that has been checked for absolute length of 12 in. (304.80 mm) from center of bushing
bore to center of crankpin bore. Production rods may vary from 11.998 to 12.000 in. (304.749 to 304.800
(2) Secure rod to cap and torque as specified in paragraph d above.
(3) Insert and center expanding arbor into crankpin end of rod.
(4) With locking pin of arbor facing straight down (alined with center line of rod), turn knurled shaft of arbor to
expand arbor in crankpin bore.
(5) Tighten arbor so that it fits snugly.
Two piston pin bushing arbors are available; one if bushing is installed and other if
bushing is removed.
(6) Insert piston pin arbor into rod piston pin bore.


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