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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
(7) Set master rod in fixture.
(8) Position dial holder fixture so that indicator pins are in contact with piston pin arbor.
(9) Zero dial indicators.
(10) Lift rod assembly from fixture and turn rod 180 degrees.
(11) Set rod back into fixture.
(12) Readjust dial indicators to divide difference between first reading (zero) and second reading. Checking
fixture is now calibrated.
(13) Remove rod from fixture.
(14) Remove arbors from rod.
k. Check rod bend, twist, and length.
Measurements read from dial indicators indicate length and misalinement of bores.
Measurements apply with or without piston pin bushing installed.
(1) Assemble arbors to rod to be checked. Ensure that pin in arbor faces down and is in center line with rod.
(2) Set rod in fixture.


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