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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
e. Perform injector spray pattern check.
(1) Place ST-668 injector spray pattern test fixture near ST-790 injector flow test stand or other source of 22 psi
(152 kPa) constant fuel pressure. Use injector test oil or fuel oil to perform test. Place drain hose of ST-
668 into drain pan of ST-790.
(2) Secure H-18 cup seat spacer to fixture seat bracket bore.
(3) Place nine hole target ring (marked on handle of ring) in base of ST-668.
(4) Lubricate inside of 3375395 adapter pot with test oil so injector 0-rings will slide smoothly into body.
(5) Slide injector into 3375395 adapter pot so that injector fuel inlet port lines up with pot inlet hole.
(6) Insert and tighten locating lock pin which seats in hole of injector.
(7) With injector plunger removed from injector, insert ST-668-5012 plug into plunger bore.
(8) Screw knurled plug into injector drain opening on adapter pot.
(9) Place injector in test fixture seat and adjust hold-down bracket into position where tightening stud pad just
makes contact with plunger bore plug.
(10) Turn tighteni ng stud knob against plunger bore plug until plug is firmly seated.
(11) Screw fuel inlet line from ST-79 test stand into injector adapter pot inlet port.


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